Building the next global companies.

Building the next global companies.

With a B2Anything Mindset, we prioritize implementing long term strategies with our partners, offering solutions to our clients and delivering value to our shareholders & stakeholders.

What We Do

We deliver value for people & businesses by providing global online platforms


Potential Clients.

Our ventures can serve more than 72000 customers in both B2B and B2C sectors.


Country could be served.

We serve communities, businesses and the general public coming from more 53 country.


Served Industries.

Our businesses deliver value in more than 16 industry.

We provide solutions to worldwide customers.

One Gate Group is a global internet group that operates leading internet platforms with long-term growth potential. One Gate Group builds solutions that empower people, companies, and communities.

We make things happen.

We are a diverse team of founders, makers, executors, investors and tech-lovers committed to helping people and companies succeed.
At One Gate Group, We help people and organizations achieve their most important objectives by helping them to remove complexity.

What We Do

We turn innovative ideas into successful ventures.

We believe that innovation is the only way to solve big problems our communities are currently facing and will face in the future. One Gate Group invests its own resources to build-up innovative companies with high growth rates from scratch.

360 Degree perspective

We believe that in order to make meaningful progress and retain growth, we should take into consideration the aspirations of our internal and external stakeholders.


Degree Perspective


Potential Clients


Industries & Sub-Industries


We focus on implementing innovative ideas that match our specific competitive needs.


We combine innovation and expertise to develop businesses that solve problems.


We invest our own resources to build a better future for our stakeholders.

“We are in the business of making the world a better place to live.”

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